For more information about Graham in Battle Bears Gold, see Engineer.

For information about Graham in Battle Bears Overclock, see Graham (BBO).

Graham first appeared in full size on the loading screen for Battle Bears Gold. Graham is an Engineer, and is known as the latter. He was added in Battle Bears Gold in v1.4, and appears in Battle Bears Fortress as a playable character.

Graham BBF

Graham as seen in Battle Bears Fortress

Graham is different from other Battle Bears because of his unique old-fashioned handlebar mustache. He is also much older than the other Battle Bears. The bandages around his arms and his prosthetic hand suggests that he has been in many battles/wars. Graham will be featured as a character in the upcoming Battle Bears TV show, and apparently has many responsibilities taking care of the Ursa Major.



  • The spinning drill on Desert Airmine map has a picture of Graham's face on it, in which that was his first appearance in Battle Bears. It probably symbolises that he created it.
  • Graham character design is based on the American Black Bear.
  • In Battle Bears Fortress, he shows extensive knowledge of Geology, is able to speak German and is the only Battle Bear that can (barely) communicate with the Necromancer.
  • It has been hinted that he created the O.C.O. Gauntlets due to his cybernetic hand.
  • Graham has the biggest backpack of all the Battle Bears, closely followed by Tillman's and Riggs'.
  • He is one of the two Battle Bears that has retained some physical, visible damage (The bandages supposedly hide wounds), the other being Tillman.
  • Graham is voiced by Bryan North.
  • Graham has never taken off his belt, backpack or his construction hat. However, he has taken off his goggles in the official description pictures (see top of page).