Graham is a character in Battle Bears Overclock. He costs250 Gems or 31000 Gold to purchase.

"Gruff but lovable mechanic,armorer and machines expert. Largely responsible for repairing the ship but always seems to find something new to fix that keeps that grounded-especially when Oliver keeps poaching parts for his newest contraption."

~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description


Health Regen Speed
275 6 525


Players can purchase Skins for Graham from the Skins tab. Below are the current skins available and their prices.

  • Ocean Explorer - 90 Gems/15000 Coins
  • MilliGraham - 150 Gems
  • Agent Graham - 150 Gems
  • Kilo Graham - 150 Gems

Armor Sets

There are several different Armor Sets for Graham that can be either found in Premium Loot Chests (1 part) or bought if the player has accumulated enough Armor pieces from unboxing chests.

  • Silent World
  • Scuba
  • Shark
  • Butcher
  • Graham at Arms
  • Bearbot 5000
  • Hitman
  • Construction
  • Hipster


  • Turret

Graham builds a big blue turret, shooting yellow plasma projectiles at enemy players about every second, at a respectable range. Each shot deals roughly 30 damage, dependant on range. It shuts down after 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.The turret has 150 health.

  • Healing Turret

Graham sets up a big white/red machine, which starts shooting a very close range beam at the user, healing him up. If the user is not present, it will start healing the next teammate in proximity. The beam is very slow, so it only takes affect by the player staying still. It shuts down after 20 seconds and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.The turret has 150 health,and has a healing rate of 60 hp per second.

  • Thunderdome

The user places a big dome around themself, slowing movement for entering and leaving opponents by 60%.Incoming projectiles will be blocked. It shuts down after 4.5 seconds and has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

  • Graham Overclock

Graham turns Overclocked for 11 seconds, changing to a yellow tone and creating a forcefield around him for the duration that gives buffs to allies and hinderances to enemies stats in the field. It has a cooldown of 60%.


  • Currently, Graham is the only character without a gold skin.
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