Huggable with the Gummable skin equipped.

The Gummable is a skin for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 120 Gas and has no level lock. 

The ultimate sugar rush! Big pharmaceutical will never be able to produce enough ritalin to slow you down!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Gummable skin is very simple with little variation across its skin and a box of gum in the place of a walkie-talkie on its head. Its predominant colour depends on whether the player is on the red or blue team. If they're on the the red team, the skin will have a bright, sleek red surface, meant to resemble a type of gummy bear. If on the blue team, it will be same, only a cool blue replacing the bright red. During the match, the Gummable carries a banner covered in gumdrops of different colours.


  • Gummable is an obvious reference to gummy bears.
  • Ritalin is a drug to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD.
  • Gummable is the second most expensive skin for the Huggable, only being beaten in price by the Gold Huggable, which costs gas.
  • Gummable is one of three Huggable skins not to sport fur.
  • It used to cost 150 Gas.


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