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Headlights menu display




Primary - Ability

Level Required



32,000 Joules



Damage (per second)



5 seconds


8 seconds


1000 units


Weapon Statistics

The Headlights is one of the Huggable's five primary weapons in Battle Bears Gold. It fires a continuous beam of damaging rainbows when activated.

Remove your head and fire out a cutting death beam of rainbow essence. This is the Huggable's only ranged attack!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Upon activation, the Huggable takes off its head and shoots a rainbow beam that does high damage, but is rather difficult to aim. It has a limited range, but can still hit targets at a short distance. Firing the Headlights only requires the player to shoot once, which will cause the Huggable to take off its head and fire a long, continuous rainbow beam lasting a few seconds. Hence, it is crucial to constantly concentrate the beam on the target for maximum damage. Upon the release of v2.1, the Headlight's damage could not be enhanced by the use of Damage+ Equipment and its range was significantly shortened. It has a 5 second recharge, that commences as soon as the beam stops firing.

Because of its relatively short range, the player must get close to their opponents if they wish to bring out the Headlights' true potential. Despite this, the player still has to maintain steady aim, especially with enemies who possess the Pro-Mode Jump or Turkish SW Boots. Player's cannot use their melee weapons while the Headlights is activated, and must wait for the beam to dissipate.


The following Equipment affects Headlights:

Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 9 damage


  • This weapon is seemingly based off of the death animation for the Huggable when it is shot in the head in Battle Bears -1, Battle Bears: Zombies and Battle Bears Zero, where the head would fly off far into the distance, leaving behind a trail of rainbows.
  • Despite having the Explosives stat, Explosions+ equipment does not affect this weapon.
  • There is a glitch in which no matter what skin the player uses, they will pull off a Hannible skin head upon activating Headlights. This is similar to how when the Chub Scout explodes with his suicidal weapons, he explodes into his default skin no-matter what.
  • This weapon is one of three primaries in which the Huggable takes off its head to attack, the others being Static Shuffle and Losing Your Head.
  • Before its nerf in v2.1, if the Headlights had damage+ equipment attached, it could potentially deal over 200 damage for its duration, making it one of the most dangerous Huggable primaries at the time.
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