Healing Tent
Healing Tent
Healing Tent






35 seconds


10,000 Joules


12 health

Healing Interval

1 seconds

The Healing Tent is a Special in Battle Bears Gold that heals the user while in use. Moving or shooting will deactivate the tent, but after you deploy it, you cannot get out of the tent for 2 seconds. Snipers cannot lock onto a player in a tent.

When in use, a loud beeping noise is played around the tent in a large radius with the Zzzzzzz signs coming out of the tent, making both allies and opponents able to locate the tent. The beeping might be a reference to a heart beat. The less health the player has, the slower the beeping. If an opponent locates the tent, they may try to hit the player repeatedly with their melee weapon. The occupant of the tent is very vulnerable to attack as they are likely already low on health and several quick melee hits is usually all that is needed to finish them off. 

It costs 10,000 Joules.

Activating the healing tent prevents you from moving but gives you health for every second you are inside. Beware nearby enemies as you are an easy target while healing!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • It is the cheapest Special in the game.
  • The player will need to move or shoot to get out of the tent, even if the player reaches full health.
  • It has the longest cooldown of all the Specials
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