Health is a common aspect in video games. It represents a value that when depleted usually results in
  • A Full Health Bar in Battle Bears Gold before the health bar got changed
  • A Full Health Bar in Battle Bears Royale
  • Changed new full Health bar in Battlebears Gold.Now tells how much health a character has with numbers.
death. Damage is the statistic responsible for leading to deaths in almost all Battle Bears games. There are also natural hazards which can instantly kill a player regardless of any other factors, with the exception of  Shortest Parsec's laser, which does damage quickly over time. These hazards will cause a suicide and deduct a kill in addition to causing a death.

Health is displayed in the top left corner of the HUD. A green bar indicates how much health is remaining, which degrades to red as it is depleted. Health can only be restored on field using the Healing Tent or health pickups such as Health Packs and Imperial Basket Grandes. The Imperial Basket Grande can reach past the players max health (meaning you will have extra Health). Shields can be used to temporarily lock a player's health and protect them from external damage. Using a Healing Tent will also restore health, however, you can be attacked while healing.

Armour+ Equipment

Armour 1

Armour +1 Icon

Armour 2

Armour +2 Icon

Armour+ Equipment consists of two Equipment pieces that can be equipped for all classes, offering different boosts for each:

Armour +1: 20,000 Joules, level 5 lock.

Armour +2: 40 Gas, level 8 lock.

Class health comparison

The following table displays the base health of each class along with their respective Armour+ Equipment boosts:

Class: Base health: Armour +1: Armour +2:
Soldier 110 health +12 health +25 health
Heavy 220 health +25 health +40 health
Huggable 90 health +9 health +18 health
Demo 170 health +15 health +30 health
Sniper 70 health +7 health +14 health
Chub Scout 160 health +16 health +32 health
Engineer 120 health +12 health +24 health
Assault 200 health +20 health +40 health
Assassin 85 health +8.5 health +17 health
Combat Tech 115 health +11.5 health +23 health
Arbiter 150 health +15 health +30 health

Health can be further affected through Health Modifiers. To read what these do and the weapons that apply to them, see Stat Modifiers in Weapon Statistics.


  • Maximum possible health combinations of each class (all use Armour +3):
    • Soldier: 176 health
    • Heavy:  299 health
    • Huggable: 150 health
    • Demolition: 209 health
    • Sniper: 120 health
    • Chub Scout: 202 health
      • Weapons required: Arrow (+10% health)
    • Engineer: 156 health
    • Assault: 260 health
    • Assassin: 126.5 health
    • Combat Tech: 164 health
  • The only weapons which can instantly kill regardless of any health remaining include the Viperifle, Capital Pains, Mamba's BoyDead Eye through the process of a headshot and Gamma RayGernobylRadiation Rod, Gamma Burst, Solar Wind Scar, MuskIt through radiation.
  • In Royale, if the player got damaged, a red bar will show as where the current health was, and then stop where how much health the player has left, as for the green, it will deplete on how much damage was taken.
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