The Health Pack is a pick-up in Battle Bears Gold. It heals a player by a maximum of 35 Health depending on how much they have remaining, and cannot heal beyond 100% health (includes all health boosting equipment), unlike the Imperial Basket Grande. It takes 45 seconds to respawn.


Map Location Number
No Bear's Land Atop each pelican't 2
Desert Airmine
  • On the edge of the bunker at the red team's spawn point
  • In the middle of the narrow ledge around the center of the map
Space Oddity By the rightmost exit of each spawn point 2
H.I.P. Test Lab Beside the stack of crates outside on the right side of each spawn point 2
Aztec Attack At the front entrance of each temple 2
Abusement Park
  • Beside the ramp leading out of red spawn point
  • Within the corridor connecting the two sides of the park
Haunted Castle On each side of the undersection of the main area 2
Shortest Parsec By the pipeline on the lower floor 1
Marecraft On the towers by each team's spawn point 2
Sky View At the central edge of the map near the shield pickup 2
Skate or Die
  • On top of the central ramp
  • Near the ramp of a raised flat area on the corner of the map
Gold Digger Inside the spawn area near the central cave 2
Toxic Terror In the corner of the upper part of the spawn area 2


  • The Health Pack was one of the Pickups which at one point featured a glitch where an endless supply would remain static and could not despawn, although only visible and collectable to certain players when it occurred. A video of this glitch can be seen here.