Hivey League
Riggs with the Hivey League




Secondary - Shotgun

Level Required






Rate of Fire

0.75 seconds




6 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Hivey League is the Heavy class's default secondary weapon. It is shotgun, a weapon that deals damage at close range in a cone of fire, with a moderate rate of fire and fair damage. It has six bullets.

Fires a spreading cone of angry bees! Great for close range battles with multiple targets close together.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Hivey League is a damaging shotgun that is used in a form of close range offense. When fired, it releases a "spreading cone of angry bees..." that damage any enemies in their path. The Hivey league deals consistant damage per shot and has good ammo. It has a quick rate of fire and can thus be used relatively frequently throughout a short period of time, though it leaves room for error. The Hivey League has very short range and is best utilised at close range where the player is at risk or as a suitable replacement for their primary weapon.

At one point, the Hivey League had a massive 15% speed reduction and 4 ammo. This severly slowed the player and could potentially give newer players a misconception of how slow the Heavy actually was. With rather unimpressive stats, this kind of nerf isn't quite understandable. It was then changed to a 5% speed reduction, but it then was removed.


The following Equipment affects the Hivey League:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 1 bullets
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets
Damage +1 + 2 damage
Damage +2 + 4 damage


  • Previous Stats:
    • Damage: ?
    • Rate of fire: 1 seconds (?)
    • Ammo: 10
    • No Stat Modifier
  • The Hivey League was the only default weapon to feature a Stat Modifier before its eventual removal in v2.6.
  • All shotguns, including the Hivey League, have identical range.
  • Honey seems to drip out on the barrel. This may suggest that the gun shoots both bees and honey.
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