The Huggable Planet

The Huggable Planet

Huggable Planet serves as the natural habitat of the Huggables. The

Huggables in their habitat

pink ring that surrounds the planet are a group of orbiting Huggables. In Battle Bears: Zombies, Oliver is in the middle of a mission on the Planet when his cart crashes and he is forced to take any measures necessary to keep himself alive and his cargo safe. It's a planet with big green plains, forests and some creatures, which include the following:

Huggables: These are the main inhabitants of the Huggable Planet. Interestingly enough, in a cutscene in Battle Bears -1, the Huggables seem to eat grass as their staple food, which would mean that their strong hug strength is a defense mechanism.

Huggable Lizard

The Huggable Lizard

Huggable Lizard:  Appears in the second cutscene for Battle Bears Zero.


Deer-Rifle: Appears in the Battle Bears Comics. It's a normal deer with a rifle in place of the tail and double-barreled shotgun barrels for the horns.

Unicorn on carpet


Living rocks


Marecraft: Appears in Battle Bears: Zombies. It flies around the sky and it only ever leaves the carpet to eat grass. They reside on the Marecraft Carrier and appear to be tamable.

Slumberbun: Appears in the Battle Bears Comics. They sleep on the ground in groups.

Nuggs: Appear in most BB games as a power-up when shot. They are often spelt Nuggz. They fly with Marecraft in the sky.

Nuggs in the sky