Huggable with the Hugly Sweater skin equipped.

The Hugly Sweater is a skin in Battle Bears Gold for the Huggable class. It was available in 2011 and 2012 as part of a special holiday release of Battle Bears Gold (then called Battle Bears Royale), also featuring special holiday skins for every other class available at that time. It costs 50 Gas and has no level lock. 

Break a sweat with extra cheesy warmth!

This skin is only for sale through January 1st. Get it while you can!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Hugly Sweater features the Huggable dressed in a red Christmas sweater, featured with a Christmas stocking and white reindeer. The headband has green christmas trees printed on it, and the antenna has the looks of a Christmas peppermint candy cane - white with red stripes. The Huggables face itself is unaltered apart from one little addition of a jingle bell as the right eye. In comparison to the default Huggable skin, the eyes, mouth and head are bigger.


  • This skin, like most of the Christmas skins, cost 20 Gas at the time of its first release in December 2011.
  • The Hugly Sweater is a pun on "ugly sweater", as it is common that Christmas sweaters tend to be "ugly".
  • This skin was discontinued in February 2012, and was made available again in December 2012, and again discontinued in February 2013.
  • During December 2012, this skin was given for free to any player that bought the Huggable within a limited amount of time.
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