Iron Curtain
Iron Curtain




15 seconds


15 seconds


20,000 Joules


Blocks bullets and projectiles from the front of the player

The Iron Curtain is a Special that protects you from frontal bullet fire, but also prevents the player's projectile weapons from being able to fire through it. Shotguns (short-ranged weapons that fire in a cone) are not affected by the Iron Curtain. Vertical weapons such as the Demo's secondaries can be fired over the Iron Curtain. All Explosives are stopped upon impact with the Iron Curtain but still cause their AoE. Hence, it is recommended to use weapons that are not affected in any way by the Curtain when using this Special so that the player retains the normal attacking ability but with bonus protection. The player cannot be harmed by bullets while using the Iron Curtain, but is still vulnerable to explosive weapons.

It costs 20,000 Joules, and has a level 5 lock.

Prevents death from coming in... but also from going out! Use Tillman's missiles to fire over the barrier while gaining protection from the front!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • The Iron Curtain is the only special that makes the TNT Launcher's projectiles detonate on impact.
  • The name "Iron Curtain" is a reference to Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech.
  • You can still hit players from the side, back or from a very high angle while they are using it, since it only blocks frontal fire. This, of course, can be countered by moving your view in such a way as to directly face the attacker.
  • Another shield similar to the Iron Curtain is the Tesla Shield, which does not block bullets, but blocks explosive projectiles.
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