Botch with the Jester skin equipped.

The Jester is a skin for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 200 Gas and has no level lock.

That food you just ate, it was poisoned. Jokes on you!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Jester skin (as its name implies) takes the form of Botch as a malicious jester. He has black and red (or blue, depending on the player's team) checkered fur in places that mimic a stereotypical medieval jester. He was white gloves or "socks" on his hands and feet and a white, medieval feathered collar around his neck. He has slanted, malicious neon green eyes, surrounded by black circles. He has a small button-like nose with a grey muzzle. The rest of Botch's face is covered by red patches, while his ears are completely black. His backpack is white with a club of spades printed on the back.