There are two kinds of lasers in the Battle Bears series. One is found in Battle Bears: Zombies, while the other is found in Battle Bears -1.

Battle Bears: Zombies

In Battle Bears: Zombies, Oliver finds a prism. He uses it to focus the rainbow energy from a dead Huggable and form it into a white-hot beam of pure energy. The laser is used to shoot and eventually kill the Colbear.

Battle Bears -1

In Battle Bears -1, Riggs makes the laser by smashing an out-of-energy laser gun into a Green Huggable's head. The Huggable's head was then stuck into the gun, and the energy from the Huggable's acidic blood made the gun shoot out a powerful green laser that could penetrate multiple Huggables at once. When in its Hyper mode, the laser becomes reflective, and bounces off of any surface it comes into contact with. The Laser is the second weapon in Battle Bears -1 which is created by modifying an object.

Laser glitch

Laser glitch



  • A prism is used to break light up into its constituent spectral colours (the colours of the rainbow), hence the rainbow-coloured beam it produces.