Law Man

Riggs with the Law Man skin equipped.

The Law Man skin is a skin for the Heavy class, being released following the discontinuation of the Halloween skins, several weeks into the release of v1.3.4 alongside the Soldier's Sam-Are-I skin. It costs 15 Gas and does not have a level lock.

The mustache does all the talking... or maybe it only looks like it does cause it's so close to the mouth part.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Law Man skin appears as a stereotypical Wild West sheriff. Riggs is wearing a team coloured vest over a pink or blue (depending on team) collared long sleeved shirt. He has a pair of long pants that are partially covered by high brown boots. He has a typical sheriff star and brown gloves. His facial features and structure is similar to the Heavy's default skin, but he had a moustache and heavyset, bushy eyebrows.


  • Originally, the Law Man skin costed 75,000 Joules.