New Loadout System

Loadout System Sneak Peek

The Loadout System was added to Battle Bears Gold in Version 2.2. This new feature dramatically increases combat adaptability by allowing the player to take a maximum of 3 pre
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-chosen loadouts into battle.

The first slot is automatically equipped to every player; the second slot costs 150,000 Joules; and the third slot costs 30 Gas.

The loadout that is first taken into a match is chosen in the Gear Up menu. Once the match starts, the player can only change loadouts before respawning after a death. To change loadouts, tap the "Loadouts" button, above the "Tap to Respawn" button, and then navigate through the loadouts using the green arrows. When you've selected the loadout of your choice, tap the "Tap to Respawn" button.

Take multiple bears with you into battle! Using this loadout slot you can customize a specific set of equipment and switch between 3 different ones during a match!

~Official Battle Bears Gold description .


  • There is a glitch where if a loadout slot(not your current one) was repeadetly clicked and you clicked cancel, that character would appear with your current loadout slot features.  ex: an assault with the huggable gear.