The Machine Gun is a weapon that is used in Battle Bears: Zombies, also being the default weapon for Oliver and Riggs in Battle Bears -1. It is supposedly based off the M60 machine gun.

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun


Battle Bears: Zombies

The Machine Gun is obtained in Battle Bears: Zombies directly before the Stage 3 boss battle, the Marecraft Carrier. It does not need to be reloaded, but can run out of ammo. The player can get more ammo at the end of each wave, as depicted by Oliver dragging boxes of ammo from the crashed Pelican't.

Battle Bears -1

The Machine Gun is the default weapon of Oliver and Riggs in Battle Bears -1 for all game-modes. It has unlimited/infinite ammo and doesn't need to be reloaded. The Machine Gun has no hyper form, unlike the other weapons because it has no pickups.

Battle Bears Zero

In Battle Bears Zero it is a default weapon for Arcade mode.


  • The Machine Gun's outline is seen on the Gear Up button in the main menu of Battle Bears Gold.
  • When Oliver equips the Machine Gun in Battle Bears: Zombies, he has a Rambo-like body, but with his own head.
  • You start out with 9,999 bullets during the Marecraft Carrier battle but lose most of the ammo after you use it again in the following stages.