Marecraft Arena is a new map added in Update 1.4.3 of Battle Bears Gold. It is inspired by the Marecraft Carrier from 

Battle Bears: Zombies. Players fight inside the Carrier's body.
Marecraft Arena

Overview of the map

There are two battlements, one at each team's base. Below each tower is a canal of green digestive juices. Any player who falls into the canal will die and will be considered as a suicide. If the players fall off the battlements onto the edge where the gland-like organs are, it is still possible to get out without falling into the canal, by travelling along the uneven and protruding gland. There are also unicorn stables, probably for the Marecraft that reside in the Carrier's body. Below each team's base is a big room, with surface and texture that looks like a tube or intestine, with cell like structures and veins and a jump pad at the end that brings players up to a base.

The Marecraft is fought inside the Marecraft carrier's digestive system. There is a sniper tower on each side. The sides are separated by a bridge and connected around the outside by a metal landing pad. On the bridge is a Bearscream Sandwich and under it is two shields and an Imperial Basket Grande.
BATTLE BEARS Marecraft Arena Music

BATTLE BEARS Marecraft Arena Music


The pickups in Marecraft Arena can be found in the following locations.

Bearscream Sandwich: Located on the upper bridge in the middle of the map.
Imperial Basket Grande: Located in the middle of the intersection below the large bridge.
Health Pack: Located on the small battlements in each team's base.
Shield: Located on opposite sides of the intersections, at the sides of the arena.


This is only possible with Mini Me. At the place where the entrance into the underground of the team's bases are located, at the two ends of the intersection, there is a ring-like object that is dark blue or black in colour. Using Mini Me and jumping or flying to the top of the 'ring', then squeeze into it, try to get to the top. After you expand, you will be in the ground.


  • The structures inside the Marecraft were possibly built to support the huge Carrier on top of the giant mare, but this is just a guess.
  • The Marecraft has two separate uvula, each next to a battlement, although there is no known animal which has two separate uvula.
  • At the bottom of the bridge, there are two mysterious outlines of the same bear with a chewed-off ear, probably of the Assassin class. This was present before its release and was considered a hint to the character. However, the face has actual features such as pink fur and yellow skin, and could be a glimpse of the Assassin class's actual face.
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