For the Battle Bears Gold map, see Marecraft (Map).


As the name would suggest, the Marecraft Carrier is a colossal mare (female horse, or unicorn, in this case) that holds Marecrafts, which appear as kawaii-but-deadly unicorns on magic carpets that dive-bomb towards Oliver in a kamikaze-style attack. The Carrier itself is well fortified, having a strong shield as one line of defense and its fairly strong hide as another.

It doesn't actually have a definitive weak point as all shots can be felt by it, but a Marecraft to the eye destroys the Marecraft Carrier. This is also the first sign that the Huggables aren't misunderstood or anything like that, but that they are organised and trying to kill anything in their way. The Marecraft Carrier is the inspiration for the Marecraft (Map), where players fight inside its colossal body.


The Marecrafts

Marecraft are a group of enemies that Oliver faces in Battle Bears: Zombies. They are unicorns that fly on magic carpets and are launched from the Marecraft Carrier. They attack in the same way as Huggables, charging at you in Kamikaze-style waves of attacks.


  • It has an udder, although female horses do in fact have udders which they only reveal when raising offspring. This also suggests that the Marecrafts are the Carrier's offspring.
  • According to concept art, it was also supposed to try to stomp on you.
  • During the cutscene before the fight,you can hear Huggables yell, "Unicorn A-45 ready for landing. Get that crap off the deck Sailor!" "Aye Aye, captain!", which is the only time in the series where a Huggable actually speaks something rather than "Hug Me!" or just the occasional whimper.
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