Metal Crush
Metal Crush
The B-1000 with the Metal Crush





Level Required



70 Gas



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 300.0




5.1 seconds


Weapon Statistics

Metal Crush is a secondary weapon for the Assault class in Battle Bears Gold.

Render the space between you and your opponent meaningless in the most lethal and awesomest way possible.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Upon activation, the Assault will leap through the air at high speed at the angle of roughly 35 degrees before landing and making a blast with a considerably large AoE (although jumping from a higher position or using Turkish SW Boots in mid-flight can increase the jump time and distance). When it lands, the Assault class uses its left arm to smash the ground, creating a damage-dealing golden shockwave that spreads out like the splash made by the Happy Hour. If the player hits an obstruction or a wall during his jump, he will land on the ground below the place where he was stopped. Upon landing on any surface, however, the Assault will be rendered immobile for 2 or 3 seconds, making the player rather vulnerable if an opponent is nearby. The Metal Crush deals between 70 and 90 damage at its base, determined by how close a player impacts to an enemy. When a player lands on the ground and gains the ability to move again, the Metal Crush will begin a 5.1 second reload.

The Metal Crush can be used for escape, attack or simply to get around the map more easily. It can be powerful in the right hands though its recovery time and reload can prove troublesome for an inexperienced player.


The following Equipment affects the Metal Crush:

Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 10 damage
Explosions +2 + 15 damage


  • Before v2.2, the Metal Crush would reload the moment the player landed on the ground, while in v2.0, the reload process started as soon as the player could move again. In v2.3, it was reverted back to the v2.0 reload mechanism.
  • It is possible, with the help of Turkish SW Boots and Jump, for an Assault using this weapon to jump from one battlement on one side of No Bear's Land to another or to jump from the tower on Shortest Parsec to either team's spawn points.