Mini Me
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Mini Me menu display




Secondary - Ability

Level Required



45,000 Joules


7 seconds


10 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics

Mini Me is one of the Huggable's secondary abilities in Battle Bears Gold. It allows for periodic shrinkage, and can be used to avoid both detection and enemy fire.

Become very tiny and make it that much harder for enemies to hit you!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like most Huggable secondaries, Mini Me deals no damage and instead aids the player by either impeding the enemy or changing the Huggable's properties. When activated, the player becomes very tiny, making the Huggable hard to hit without the use of an Area of Effect weapon or shotguns (rendering automatic weapons almost useless). The Huggable will still be able to hit enemies, though it is much more difficult and the ability is mainly utilised to avoid enemy fire. A downside is that the player will be unable to collect pickups while Mini Me is activated unless they use the Jump function, the Turkish SW Boots or So Fly. An advantage is that it becomes difficult for the Sniper or Demo to lock onto a Huggable that is using Mini, although a lock is still possible. If the user wants to attack an enemy, the use of their melee is the only viable option, as Mini Me's reload is longer than its duration, meaning that a primary cannot be used. While using Mini Me, many feel as though they are travelling faster than usual, though it is important to note that the use of this ability offers no speed increases whatsoever. 

Mini Me is especially useful for escaping from automatic wielding classes, enemies that often poses a massive threat to Huggables. It can also be used for stealth and evasion, both of which are important to Huggables because of their low health.


  • Mini Me is well known to be used to cause and exploit glitches, such as entering walls where they can use Headlights to attack from within the walls without the risk of being damaged. This glitch has since been patched, but there are new glitches that requires So Fly in order to work. 

    Mini Me in use

  • Upon activation of Mini Me, the action done by the Huggable is actually the same as when one uses Peek A Boo.
  • When activated, the Huggable makes a sound similar to the 'Help me out' teamspeak. It sounds almost like the Huggable is laughing.
  • When a Huggable dies while using Mini Me, it may occasionally return to normal size and then freeze in its position of death without going through the death animation or the Huggable might even sink through the floor. This glitch has not been patched.
  • This and Super Size Me! are the only Huggable (Class) secondaries that change size.