Mother of Nature
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Riggs with the Mother of Nature




Secondary - Poison

Level Required



50,000 Joules


4 per second for 10 seconds

Rate of Fire

2.5 seconds




6 seconds

Projectile Speed

750 u/s


Weapon Statistics and Status Effects

The Mother of Nature is a secondary weapon for the Heavy. It launches a large purple berry that travels in an arc. On impact, the projectile explodes, poisoning everyone within a large splash radius, dealing moderate damage over time.

Shoots poisonous berries at your enemies that drain their health over time.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Mother of Nature is unique amongst the Heavy's arsenal, and instead of dealing outright damage it weakens enemies over time, eating away at their health and leaving them vulnerable. When fired, the Mother of Nature releases a large purple berry that travels with an arc. When this berry comes into contact with any surface, it will burst open, creating a large purple plume of poison. Any enemy player exposed to this cloud will be poisoned, signalled by a small purple skull over their head. These players will start to slowly lose health at a rate of 4 damage per second over its 10 second duration, dealing a total of 40 damage without the use of equipment or Propbearganda. This kind of damage isn't usually enough to kill most enemies, though it can definitely be used to complement the Heavy's powerful primary weapons or to kill weakened players. The cloud created is large and players near its starting point are usually unlikely to escape the initial explosion. The Mother of Nature has 2 ammo and a 2.5 second cooldown, meaning both projectiles can be deployed moderately quickly. When these two ammo are used, though, the player will have to endure a rather lengthy 6 second reload. It is advised that they take shelter in this time.

The Mother of Nature is a tactical weapon that can be used to both weaken and herd enemies, as they are unlikely to want to risk running through the cloud. Despite the advantages, the user is also susceptible to their own poison, and as result they must linger behind the berry's point of opening. Because of this, users of the Mother of Nature are prone to suicide if not cautious.


The following Equipment affects the Mother of Nature:

Equipment: Effect:
Damage +1 + 0.5 damage
Damage +2 + 1 damage
Ammo +2 + 1 bullet


  • You are prone to suicide with this weapon, and can also destroy Proximity Mines with it, though it's not an explosive.
  • It is possible to stack the poison damage from more than one direct hit at the same time, meaning that the more projectiles manage to affect the target at approximately the same time, the higher the rate of poison damage.
  • It works similarly to the Chaos Toss.
  • Prior to v2.7, the Mother of Nature had a -10% Health Reduction.
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