Neo-Omaha is one of the six launch maps in Battle Bears Overclock.

It is a futuristic city-themed map with a flying taxi cart and Huggable Blimp, which, under very specific conditions, can be climbed onto.

The map itself is symmetrical, with two main three-storey floating buildings where members of respective teams will respawn in regardless of where the player had died.

The bottom floor is a good place for the player to discreetly enter the other team's building by walking, via a large ramp that leads to the right side second floor of the other team's building. Otherwise, a Jump Pad on the bottom floor will lead to the other team's second floor. A more unique method of attack from the bottom floor is by waiting for a flying taxi to arrive at the stop within the building. 

The middle floor, with its extended open platform along with sheltered hallway, is rather dangerous due to the fact that most auto-aim weapons can lock onto targets from one open platform across to the other and the fact that those on the middle floor are very exposed to fire from the balcony. A surprise attack via the Jump Pad at the bottom floor of the other building is also possible. Players can board a flying taxi from the second floor, although attempting to do so is rather noticeable and will expose the player to enemy fire from all three floors for a while.

The balcony of the each team's building is ideal for sniping due to the huge field of vision on all three floors, as well as the abundance of cover and the ability to retreat from fire from the lower floors. There are also many escape routes onto the lower floors and a Jump Pad to quickly access the other balcony.

The map is relatively fair for all playstyles and sets if the player maneuvers correctly. The Jump Pads, connecting ramps and flying taxis, which can shield the player from bullets, allow for many different methods of attacking the other side.


  • Neo-Omaha is the only map with a symbol in its name, the "-" symbol.
  • On the bottom level, stand on one of the corners while facing the other teams base.  Then fall diagonally to the right, but walk slowly until you fall.  You should then be standing on one of the slopes under the bridges, you will not suicide unless you go on the black and yellow stripes.
  • Omaha is a place in Nebraska where the SkyVu headquarters is located. Neo- is a common prefix that is meant to display advancements or a future.