Not so slenderman

Wil with the Not-So-Slenderman skin equipped.

The Not-So-Slenderman is an exclusive Halloween themed skin, and is one of the fifteen current Chub Scout skins. SkyVu announced that Not-So-Slenderman would not be removed on October 31 like the other 2012 Halloween skins, and would become a permanent addition to the Chub Scout's skins. Despite this, when the Halloween skins were reintroduced and subsequently removed the following year, the Not-So-Slenderman went with them.

It costs 50 Gas and has no level lock.

If you're going to be stalking children through the woods, you probably won't rely on most trees as adequate cover.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description



  • When Not-So-Slenderman Wil eats a Batterito or a Killdoba, the white spots where his eyes should be will grow into black eyes and a mouth will appear when he breathes the flame.
  • It is based on Slenderman, a mythical internet creature who stalks people and kills them. He gained popularity through the release of his own first-person horror game Slender. The main goal of the game is to collect 8 notes, with Slenderman stalking you throughout.

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