O.C.O. Gauntlet
OCO Gauntlet
The O.C.O. Gauntlet




Primary - Explosives

Level Required



45,000 Joules


40-60 (additional 30 damage on direct hit)

Area of Effect

Max Dmg: 50 units
Min Dmg: 100 units


1.0 seconds




4.0 seconds

Stat Modifier

+10% Speed


Weapon Statistics

The O.C.O. Gauntlet is a primary weapon for the Soldier class, being released in v1.3.2.

Spawn orbs of energy that damage when touched and explode on direct impact.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The O.C.O. Gauntlet is very different compared to the Soldier's other primaries, and rather than being an automatic, serves as a defensive weapon with unique characteristics. It produces large, fast moving orbs, consisting of a dark blue core and a pulsing light blue field surrounding it. An orb is initially spawned at a stationary position (the user does not have to stop moving), where for 2 seconds it does not deal damage to save the user from suicide. After that, it will accelerate very fast over a short distance in the direction the player was aiming. If a player runs into the orb, it will implode dealing damage to any enemies in the explosion's AoE. The orb itself will automatically implode after 10 seconds. Three orbs can be produced with a delay between each. If an enemy is located in front of a newly spawned orb, the orb will implode prematurly.

The weapon is quite contrary to the title of a primary weapon, where it serves more as a secondary weapon seeing it converts the actual secondary into the main weapon of killing, being a more reliable form of offense. This in itself can cause difficulty in using the weapon to a great extent if intended for offensive means. It features a 10% speed boost in support of the difficulty. As with all explosive weapons, users of the O.C.O. Gauntlet are prone to suicide and should display caution.

The user is prone to suicide while using the O.C.O. Gauntlet.


The following Equipment affects the O.C.O. Gauntlet:

Note: Explosions Equipment increases the damage of the pulsing field, while Damage Equipment increases the implosion damage.

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +2 + 1 ammo
Damage +1 + 5 damage
Damage +2 + 10 damage
Explosions +1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 10 damage


  • Additional Stats:
    • Projectile Speed: 1,000 u/s
    • Time to Spawn: 2.0 seconds
    • Acceleration Duration: 10.0 seconds (12.0 seconds total life)
  • In game, the O.C.O. Gauntlet is misspelled "OCO Gauntlet". The acronym "O.C.O." stands for "Over Clocked Oliver".
  • Originally, the O.C.O. Gauntlet cost 20 Gas.
  • The O.C.O. Gauntlet's appearance is complemented by additional effects, including an electrical charge being absorbed. This is purely cosmetic and has no added functionality.
  • The O.C.O. Gauntlet is one of three weapons to be affected by Ammo+, Damage+ and Explosions+ Equipment, the others being the Rockette Launcher and Power Glove. It is also the only Soldier primary to use Explosions+ Equipment.
  • There is a glitch where when you spawn OCO Gauntlet orbs while looking down,the orbs will automatically explode.
  • There is also a glitch,where when OCO Gauntlet is used in conjunction with Iron Curtain,the projectiles fly upward.
Oliver Primary - O.C.O

Oliver Primary - O.C.O. Gauntlet

O.C.O. Gauntlet Weapon Demonstration

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