Oliver is a character in the game Battle Bears Overclock.
  • Oliver in BBP
  • Oliver's OC in BBP
  • Oliver after being redesigned in BBU.
  • Oliver after being redesigned in BBO

"He never passes up an opportunity to show everyone how brace he is,operative word being "show",the boy requires an audience.Oliver would never solve a problem, big or small,without first considering the absolutely most action-packed way he could do so."

~ Official Battle Bears Overclock description.


Health Speed Regen
250 565 5


Oliver's skins and Armor are listed below:

  • Combat Reptile
  • Soldier
  • Gold
  • Kabuki
  • Space Marine
  • Han Soliver
  • Soldier


  • Blue Ninja
  • Red Ninja
  • Turtle
  • Night Vision
  • Munk Assassin
  • Future Cop
  • Blue Moon
  • Cop Head
  • Samurai


Like all of the characters in Battle Bears Overclock, Oliver has three unique abilities that he can use multiple times to aid him in battle. These abilities include:

  • Katana (Default)
Katana concept art

Katana concept art

The Katana is a slow-moving, horizontally-spinning, blue sword that keeps moving in the direction that the player was pointed upon activation. The Katana moves forever, dealing 120 damage to whoever it hits, until you can't see it. The Katana can be activated with interrupting the firing of automatics. This ability takes 25 seconds to reload.
"Throws out a katana that deals 120 damage in a straight line"
~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
  • Ninja Vanish (20,000 Gold, Level 10 Unlock)
Ninja vanish

Ninja Vanish concept art.

Ninja Vanish creates a puff of smoke in front of the player upon activation. At the same time, the player is cloaked and given a speed boost for 2 seconds While the user is cloaked, enemies can still lock onto and damage the user, however tracking the cloaked player is very difficult due to the fact that the cloaked user is 100% transparent. Turrets ignore the user while the user is cloaked. This ability takes 15 seconds to reload.
"Cloaks your character and increases their speed by 60% for 2 seconds"
~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
  • Gunslinger (30,000 Gold, Level 20 Unlock)
Gun Slinger's concept art

Gunslinger's concept art

Once activated, rapid-firing, dual pistols automatically fire for the player. The fire rate is similar to Assault Rifle and SMG. The pistols will deal 100 damage per hit and can also deal critical hits at 150 damage. Similar to the Sniper Rifle, this ability will not be able to use the auto-lock, so the user will have to manually aim to damage someone.This take 45 seconds to reload.
"Rapidly fires bullets to where you are aiming for 6.1 seocnds"
~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description


  • The descriptions in the abilities for Oliver showcase quite a few grammar mistakes.
  • In beta, Ninja Vanish was originally Oliver's default primary, but was changed to his second ability for being too powerful.