Riggs with the Orange Riggs skin equipped.

The Orange Riggs skin is a skin for the Heavy class, being released in Version 2.1 of Battle Bears Gold.

This skin costs 25,000 Joules, and has a level 22 lock.

Not to be undone in the intimidation department, Riggs became orange. Take that Jack o' Lanterns.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Orange Riggs skin appears quite different from how Riggs was portrayed in other Battle Bears games, though it keeps some of his most notable traits. It changes his grey-white polar bear fur to a very light sunset-orange, but keeps his strong jawline, while clading him in team coloured armour. He has wrist and ankle guards on both arms and legs, and an odd head covering on his head. He has large straps coming across his chest, which hold his high-tech shell-like backpack in place.