Peek A Boo
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Peek A Boo menu display




Secondary - Ability

Level Required



115,000 Joules


30 seconds


12 seconds

Stat Modifier


Minimum Visibility


Maximum Visibility



Weapon Statistics

Peek A Boo is a secondary weapon for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It allows for periodic camoflague, which can be used for sneak attacks, escape, or stealth.

By pressing small amounts of rainbow out of their bodies, Huggables can match the color of their surroundings and become all but invisible to the untrained eye!

~ Offical Battle Bears Gold description


Peek A Boo functions in a manner similar to the Cloaking special, but with a faster recharge. It also makes the player's next melee attack do 10 more damage, although this is not listed in its in-game description or the store. When activated, a short burst of rainbow energy will be emitted above the Huggable and the player will become partially invisible. To ensure that the enemy has at least some chance of spotting the player, the prominent features and outline of the Huggable is marked with a faint neon colour. The colour of the outline depends of the player's team, and hence opposing players will be able to tell if the player is an enemy or not. If the player stands still, the neon lines become almost non-existent and they will be near invisible. The main purpose of Peek A Boo is to stealthily get closer to an enemy without their knowing, and subsequently avoiding their fire. When the player gets close enough, it is most beneficial to attack with their melee weapons because of the boost in strength they receive. Prior to v1.4.2, the neon lines were absent but the Huggable was instead marked by a light greyish shape and a team couldn't be established without attacking, while the newer version is generally less visible where the lines don't occur.

If the player is damaged while under the effects of Peek A Boo, they will become visible again for an instant. This further reveals their location and other enemies are more likely to attack. Peek A Boo will be prematurely deactivated if the player attacks or uses a Special.


  • This weapon, when in effect, prevents enemy Snipers and Demos from locking onto the player.
  • As of v1.4.2, neon red/blue lines (depending on the player's team) will highlight the player's most prominant features when using Peek A Boo, making them rather noticable. This also applied to the Cloaking. In v1.4.3, the neon outline was removed only for Cloaking, and this effect still applied to Peek A Boo. In v2.6, the neon outline was removed from Peek A Boo and their overall visibility reduced. 


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