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Secondary - Saboteur

Level Required



40 Gas


2.5 seconds




5 seconds


Weapon Statistics and Status Effects

Phantom Hug is a secondary for the Huggable, being released in v2.2 of Battle Bears Gold. When used, the Huggable releases a spectre-like projectile that momentarily impedes any enemy it comes into contact with, leaving them open for attack or allowing for escape.

The Huggable's ability to love will make time seem like it comes to a halt. When actually it's just your feet and you're about to die.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Upon use, the Huggable fires a cluster of pink energy in the shape of a Huggable, which disperses on impact with a surface and prevents opposing players caught in the blast radius from moving or turning for 2.5 seconds, although the player can still attack, use Jump Pro-Mode and Specials. This effect is similar to the one caused by the Slow Motion Field, although it stops the players completely like the Sucker Punch's effect. It deals no damage whatsoever, just like the Huggable's other secondaries (excluding the Charged Run). It is likely meant to be used in conjunction with the Huggable's melee weapons, by quickly disposing of an enemy while they are incapacitated. It can also be used to head-start a retreat from battle. Unlike other Huggable secondaries, it doesn't directly affect the player, and is instead used as a saboteur weapon to trip up an enemy's gameplay. It gives the player a 5% speed boost.

When the phantom projectile comes into contact with any surface or player, it will explode in a moderate AoE (Area of Effect), allowing for the incapacitation of multiple enemies. Because the Huggable lacks the ability to swap freely from primary to secondary until they have recharged, the player must consistantly rely on their melee weapon if they want to go on the attack.


  • It was the first Huggable secondary to be given a Gas price tag, being followed soon after by Charged Run
  • It is unique in the fact that it briefly creates a "clone" of the character; a trait not observed in any other weapon.
  • It possesses the ability to destroy Proximity Mines, despite the fact that it doesn't deal any damage and isn't considered an explosive.
  • It can pass through the Iron Curtain, a very useful feature given the Huggable's low health and reliability on close-range combat.
  • It is the only ranged Huggable Secondary
  • It is the only Huggable (Class) secondary that can incapacitate a player.
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