A life upside down

Soldier with the Bearscream Sandwich pick-up

There are many different pickups in Battle Bears Gold, such as:               

  • Bearscream Sandwich - Triples the amount of damage the player deals for twenty seconds.
  • Shield- Makes the player invincible for ten seconds. Players can still suicide from natural hazards, but not from their own weapons.
  • Imperial Basket Grande - Adds half of the player's maximum health, regardless of the player's current health, and in most cases, causing overhealing. This can cause the player to have more health than usual.
  • Health Pack - Adds 35 health to the player or less, depending on how much health the player has. Cannot overheal like the IBG.
  • Joules pick-up: Gives 25 Joules per pick-up to the player. Three are dropped from the site of a player's death and disappear after 10 seconds. 
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