Plasma Orb
Plasma Orb
The Plasma Orb




Secondary - Shotgun

Level Required



100 Gas



Rate of Fire

1 second




5 seconds

Stat Modifier

5% Speed Increase


Weapon Statistics

The Plasma Orb is one of the Heavy's secondary weapons, released in update 1.3.1. It is a re-skin of the Hivey League. In comparison, it inflicts more damage and has a shorter reload, but has less ammo and a slower rate of fire.

The amount of voltage this gun produces is just enough to turn anything it touches into a smoldering husk of its former self... is that enough you think?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Plasma Orb is a damaging shotgun that is used in a form of close range offense. When fired, it releases a spreading blast of purple electricity that damages any enemies in its path. The Plasma Orb deals consistant damage per shot and has 2 ammo. It has a relatively quick rate of fire and can thus be used relatively frequently throughout a short period of time, though it leaves some room for error. The Plasma Orb has a very short range and is best utilised at close range where the player is at risk or as a suitable replacement for their primary weapon.

In comparison with the Heavy's other shotgun secondary, the Hivey League, the Plasma Orb deals another 20 damage, has 4 less ammo, a slightly slower rate of fire, and a faster reload. All in all, the Hivey League is better for gradual damage, while the Plasma orb works better as a quick finisher.


The following Equipment affects the Plasma Orb.

Equipment Effect
Ammo +2 + 1 bullet
Damage +1 + 3 damage
Damage +2 + 6 damage


  • It used to cost 150,000 Joules.
  • Prior to v2.6, the Plasma Orb had a 10% health reduction.
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