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The Pocket Pygmy skin is a skin for the Soldier class, being released during the third week of v1.3.1. It costs 15 Gas and does not have a level lock.

Constant abuse has pushed this Pygmy beyond Pocket God's borders and into BBR to exact sweet, island revenge upon the gods. The gods were unavailable, however, so it looks like you will be taking the brunt of it.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Pocket Pygmy appears as a kind of stereotypical tribal islander. The majority of its body is covered in light brown fur or "skin", while it has a dark patch of hair on its head and ears. As an islander, it is wearing a grass skirt and flower ankle bands, with red or blue (depending on player's team) squids wrapped around its hands. It has jagged, uneven teeth associated with "savages" and wild, wide open eyes with a heavy black monobrow. The Pocket Pygmy's backpack appears as a skin of sea creature that wraps its tenticles around Oliver's torso.


  • Pocket Pygmy skin model

    Pocket Pygmy expanded skin model

    The skin design and description are a reference to the popular iPhone game Pocket God, which features small tribal people called pygmies, from which the concept was inspired.
  • The official description was never changed to refer to the updated BBG rather than BBR (Battle Bears Royale).
  • Originally, the Pocket Pygmy skin cost 75,000 Joules.
  • Like all v1.3.1 weapons and skins, the Pocket Pygmy skin was offered to those who took part in the Forum Appreciation promotion, free of charge and before the official release date/week.

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