Pop Tart Shuriken
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Wil with the Pop Tart Shuriken


Chub Scout



Level Required



50 Gas



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 100.0, Min Dmg 200.0

Rate of Fire

0.39 seconds




5.3 seconds

Projectile Speed

1,600 u/s


Weapon Statistics

Pop Tart Shuriken is a secondary for Chub Scout (BBG) in Battle Bears Gold

Breakfast just got deadly.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


When fired, Wil flings two Pop Tart themed shurikens in a straight line. The weapon has a clip size of 8, which means a total of 16 Shurikens can be output before reloading. The usage is similar to the Pie Bomb, except the shuriken projectiles travel in a straight line and are unaffected by gravity as well as having a faster projectile speed, which technically makes it superior to the Pie for spamming capability. Although it is an explosive weapon, it cannot damage the user or explode enemy bodies.


Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 2.5 damage
Explosions +2 + 5 damage


  • Occasionally, users may encounter a glitch where their Pop Tart Shurikens are unable to damage the enemy for the entire match, even at point blank fire.
  • Upon release, there was a "shining" sound with each throw. This has been changed to one sound when the user presses the fire button.
  • The trail and appearance of the Pop Tart Shuriken resembles that of the popular 2010 internet meme, Nyan Cat.
  • Currently, there is a glitch where the Pop Tart Shuriken can be spammed faster than Wil can throw his second shuriken. As a result, some of his shurikens become stuck in a certain spawn point in the map. This is not visible to the user, although they are to everyone else. Running into the spawn points where the shurikens are generated, regardless of who you are, resets the number of shurikens Wil can throw can do damage with. The opponent can still be damaged by these spawned shurikens if they run into them.