Power Glove
Power Glove
Graham with the Power Glove





Level Required





Uncharged: 15
Charged: 501

Area of Effect

Max Dmg 25.0, Min Dmg 100.0

Shots per Second

Uncharged: 0.1 seconds
Charged: 1.0 seconds2




4.5 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics

Power Glove is the default primary weapon for the Engineer class in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in v1.4.

The precursor to the O.C.O. Glove, this weapon can rapidly fire small orbs of energy. When charged up, it delivers a larger and more destructive orb that explodes on impact. This weapon can HANDle any situation.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Power Glove has a semi-automatic firing system and fires energy orbs at opponents. The Power Glove can be charged to provide more damage on impact as well as AoE damage upon a hit on a surface.

  • The Power Glove's charging time is 1.5 seconds.
  • Projectile speed is 1,400 units per second.

When building up a charge, the weapon can still be fired, but with slightly less damage depeding on the size of the charge. If fired with no charge at all, or with a charge that isn't full, each shot will deal 15 damage on direct impact with no AoE

If the Power Glove is fully charged (indicated by the appearance of a small energy ring formed around the Glove) and makes a direct impact on a target, it will deal a damage value of 50. In addition, the full charge will create an AoE burst around the hitting orb to deal extra damage to the target as well as nearby surroundings. If the target was hit dead-on, or is within a range of 25 units from impact spot, an additional 40 damage is dealt. Targets ranging between 25-100 units from impact spot is dealt 20 damage.

Other details

If a charge being built is dropped, the charge will slowly decay towards zero charge. This happens at a faster rate than the actual charge, around 1 second.

Using a charged shot will be considered using a full magazine of ammo, EVEN with Ammo+ Equipment, hence requiring a reload.


The following Equipment affects the Power Glove:

Note: Damage Equipment affects the uncharged shots while Explosions Equipment affects the charged shots.

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 2 damage
Damage +2 + 4 damage
Explosions +1 + 10 damage
Explosions +2 + 15 damage
Ammo +1 + 25 bullets
Ammo +2 + 50 bullets



1 Not including potential 20-40 additional AOE damage.
2 Raw values, not including reload and charge time.