Pro Mode is a new addition to Battle Bears Gold that was added in version 2.0. It gives the player new features to use in battle. The following two are the only ones that have been added.


Jump icon


Jump allows the player to jump without the use of Turkish SW Boots, though not as high. If the player uses the Turkish SW Boots immediately after he jumps, he will perform a double jump, which allows the player to jump even higher. However, it must be Jump THEN Turkish SW Boots.  Unlike the Turkish SW Boots, Jump cannot be activated while in mid-air and has no cooldown. SkyVu enabled all players who had a account before 2.0 to get Jump free of cost upon the release of BBG. Jump currently costs 1 Gas.

Free yourself from the constraints of gravity and leap whenever you like! Combine with the Turkish SW Boots to perform a double jump!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Radar icon


This device discloses almost all player positions, although only from a bird's eye view. On the radar, the yellow dots represent allies while the red dots represent enemies. It can only detect non-cloaked players (Cloaking, Cloak Field or Peek A Boo) that are moving or using their weapons, making it still possible to ambush people. It costs 60 Gas.

This little gizmo allows you to hunt down even the most elusive enemies. Remember, yellow is friend and red is foe.

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • As of the 2.8.1 Update, the radar allows you to briefly see where a player is about to spawn
  • As of the 2.8.1 Update, sometimes, an ally's dot on the radar is incorrectly colored red