Proximity Mine
Proximity Mine
Graham with the Proximity Mine





Level Required



100,000 Joules



Trigger Radius


Priming Time

2.2 seconds

Rate of Fire

3 seconds




3.5 seconds

Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 300.0


Weapon Statistics

The Proximity Mine is a secondary weapon for the Engineer.

Useful in high traffic or choke areas, this placable explosive can attach itself to any surface. Once an enemy gets close, it will explode. This weapon can also be remote detonated by tapping the red button by the ammo count.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


After it is placed, it will explode when an enemy steps on it. However, it can also be remotely detonated to be used as a powerful improvised grenade although it will not cause an explosion if it is detonated before reaching a solid surface. It can also be detonated by an opponent using explosives or specific projectiles to hit where the mine is placed. Suicide is possible if the player is near the mine when it explodes. The Mine works well if placed somewhere near a frequently-used choke point, such as a Jump Pad. In some maps, it can be placed under floors from below so that the Mine is both invisible to those on the the upper levels yet still able to be triggered by being walked on.

If a mine detonates while the player has switched to his Secondary as the active weapon, it will automatically reload and the player will still have his other remaining mine(s). However, if the player is switched to his Primary weapon when the mine detonates, the mines will not automatically reload and the player will have to manually detonate any remaining mines in order to reload to a full ammo clip. If a player toss a mine directly at an opposing player, it will rebound off the player's body.


The following Equipment affects the Proximity Mine:

Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 12 damage
Explosions +2 + 20 damage


  • As of v2.1.1, there is a bug that causes players to have less than 3 mines when he reloads after remotely detonating the mines. This can be resolved by throw a single mine into the air and detonating it before it reaches the ground, which will result in the players having 3 mines again.
  • Although the red button, which was originally used to detonate the mines, has since been removed and its function added to the reload button, the official description of the Proximity Mines still makes reference to the red button.
  • The Phantom Hug and Mother of Nature are the only non-explosive weapon able to destroy a Proximity Mine.
  • In a later update, a small red line will display above the mine where it was placed, to discourage of someone who places a mine in a jump-pad, being well hidden.
  • Shooting Proximity Mines with an explosive weapon will detonate the mines.
  • Currently, there is a bug that allows the player to have 4 mines. To have 4 mines, the player must throw a mine and detonate it, then hold the shoot button/double tap until it completes reloading, and the player will throw 2 mines at the same time, but only use 1 ammo.
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