Huggable with the Purple Huggable skin equipped.

The Purple Huggable is a skin for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in 2.1. During the match, the Purple Huggable carries a team-colored banner with three white symbols lined up horizontally. It costs 25,000 Joules and has a level 5 lock.

The royalist Huggable you know.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Unlike other Huggables in the series, the Purple Huggable is covered in tears, scars, bandages and implants. As its name implies, it is adorned by vibrant, purple fur. It has one long cut running down from its neck to the left-hand corner of its stomach, where it opens up into jagged wound. These cuts have what appears to be stuffing bulging out of them, making it seem as though the Purple Huggable was a plush toy. It has one small black, beady eye, while the other appears to be a button. A long, stitched cut is running from the top of its buttoned eye up to its forehead. One side of its head is heavily bandaged, suggesting further injury.


  • In Battle Bears BLAST, the original Purple Huggable was the only Huggable that can jump in any of the games in the Battle Bears series, with the exception of the class in Battle Bears Gold (with the newly added Jump Pro-Mode Feature and the Turkish SW Boots).
  • Its description is a reference to the notion that purple is a color for the rich and royal. This is largely true, and all throughout human history, purple has been held in high esteem. 
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