Radiation Rod
Radiation Rod
Graham with the Radiation Rod




Secondary - Radiation

Level Required



75,000 Joules










Weapon Statistics

The Radiation Rod is a secondary weapon for the Engineer in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in v2.5.

Straight from the core of the Ursa Major. Warning may cause spontaneous bear combustion if in contact for long periods of time.

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like most other Engineer secondaries, the Radiation Rod is best utilised in a strategic and supportive way to manipulate the movement of opposing players. Unlike other secondaries in its category, though, it can be used offensively if the player uses the appropriate Equipment and Special. The Radiation Rod is a placeable nuclear fuel rod that creates a glowing radiation field when placed, irradiating any enemies that enter the field as well as blocking the locks of the Sniper's Primaries. Enemies are quickly irradiated, and when they are completely irradiated they will die instantly in an explosion. The size of the explosion depends on how much maximum health the opponent has. The player and other enemies within this blast radius will also receive damage from the explosion. Suicide is therefore possible with this weapon, though the player is not affected by their own radiation. The Radiation Rod has a base of 1 ammo and a 1.5 second cooldown between the placement of each rod. The Radiation Rod irridates enemies far faster than any other radiation-based weapons, and classes with lower health rarely last more than a second or two before dying.

  • Maximum radiation is equal to the individual players maximum health.
  • The blast radius caused by an exploding opponent is between 150-200 units.

When opponents starts getting irradiated, they will be notified by a radioactive hazard symbol (), as well as sounds similar to those of a Geiger Counter. The more irradiated the opponent is, the more blank spaces in the radiation symbol with be blank (whited out). This happens in four stages:

Radiation Warning
- Stage of Radiation
Radiation Value
Hazard-3 Amount of RP is equal to 0-24 % of target's maximum health
Hazard-2 Amount of RP is equal to 25-49 % of target's maximum health
Hazard-1 Amount of RP is equal to 50-74 % of target's maximum health
Hazard-0 Amount of RP is equal to 75-99 % of target's maximum health

Upon reaching a radiation value equal to that of the players maximum health - amount of RP is equal to 100% of targets Health - the target will explode. As the state of radiation increases, the ticking sound will also become faster and faster - this sound is audible to all players nearby.

Other Details

Once irradiated, if the player is in the Radiation Rod's radiation field, the radiation effect will wear off at a slow but steady pace. Upon decay the warning symbol will also change depending on the radiation value, as well as the clicking becoming slower and finally stopping upon reaching a radiation value of 0.


The following Equipment affects the Radiation Rod:

Equipment Effect
Ammo +1 + 1 Ammo
Ammo +2 + 2 Ammo


  • Its description mentions the Ursa Major, the Battle Bears primary battleship and references to the fact that the Radiation Rod is taken from the core of the ship. This indicates that the Ursa Major is partially, if not entirely fueled by nuclear energy. This would explain the random barrels of radioactive waste on the ship seen in Battle Bears -1.
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