Reverse Fountain
Reverse Fountain
Tillman with the Reverse Fountain




Secondary - DPS

Level Required



120,000 Joules


55 damage


2.5 seconds




4.0 seconds

Lock Time

2.5 seconds

Homing Rating



Weapon Statistics

The Reverse Fountain is a secondary weapon for the Demo class in Battle Bears Gold, being released in v2.5. It takes the form of a green missile/firecracker adorned by yellow shooting stars. Like all other Demo secondaries, it is strapped to Tillman's back, where it can be deployed into the air.

Tillman really likes fireworks, so much so he turns a beautiful fountain into a deadly shower of sparks and fire!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Similar to all other Demo secondaries, the Reverse Fountain is a lock-on missile of sorts. When the player switches to their secondary slot and the Reverse Fountain is revealed, it will attempt to lock on to the first opposing player that comes into its 300 unit lock radius. Said lock takes 2.5 seconds, though the player can freely fire the Reverse Fountain without a lock, in which case it will land a distance from their location. When fired, the Reverse Fountain will ascend into the air for several seconds before dropping back down. Unlike other Demo secondaries, though, the Reverse Fountain is not an explosive, and never makes direct contact with the ground. Instead, it stops shortly before hitting a tangible surface and sprays a cascade of damaging sparks, dealing 55 damage per second over 2.5 seconds to any opposing player in its vicinity. Because of this, it can be used to attack multiple enemies, and can be particularly useful in Free-For-All mode. It serves well to note that the Reverse Fountain will not ascend into the air if a tangible surface is in its path (e.g. a floor of a second level, the roof of a structure etc.). Instead, it will stop short and commence its attack, creating a large risk of self-harm and suicide. Despite this, it can also be used as a kamikaze type weapon, killing the user and any enemy in the vicinity of its spray. It only has 1 ammo, which cannot be increased with the use of Ammo+ equipment.

Because of its notable differences from other Demo secondaries, it is an interesting choice that can deliver a nasty surprise to unsuspecting enemies. Another possible positive is that it has no negative speed modifier, unlike most other Demo secondaries. Because of its unique characteristics, self-harm and suicide is possible and players should be careful not to fall under their own attack. 


Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 10 damage


  • A reverse fountain is a kind of water feature in which the water spirals inward, instead of the traditional outward fountain, although it is also the name for a kind of juggling technique.
  • This is the only Demo secondary that cannot be affected by the use of Equipment, as all of the Demo's other secondary weapons can be enhanced by either Explosions+ or Ammo+ Equipment.