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Rho and his turrets

Rho is a higher subordinate of the H.I.P., appearing as the main antagonist of Battle Bears Zero.


Battle Bears Zero

In Battle Bears Zero, Rho is a main boss. In Level 2, he tries to steal ABBi from Wil, in means of using her to overide the Ursa Major's systems. In the ensuing fight, the player will have to throw wrenches at nearby switches to drop crates on Rho and hold him back. While Rho is preoccupied the player must fight off Huggables and bots. Rho will soon come towards the player again, where they must once again drop a crate on him. This process must be repeated another two times before a player completes the level. If a player does not drop the crate, Rho will duck and jump at the player, 1-hit killing them. Rho has the ability to control the Ursa Major's turrets as shown when finishing the level.

Though he is defeated in the level, Rho is not destroyed and continues to track Wil and ABBi throughout the campaign. Later, Rho gathers an army of H.I.P. bots to try and destroy both Wil and ABBi, no longer intent on hijacking the Ursa Major. After the duo defeat his whole army, Rho flees towards the ship, tearing out its central power source and draining it. Wil and ABBi proceed to weaken the ships legs, which crushes Rho's lower half right before he can attack Wil. He attacks Wil with a rocket launched arm, only to badly damage ABBi. He once again flees, this time into the Ursa Major. He inserts his memory into Wil's space-themed video game, where Wil must face him for a final time. Rho upgrades to "Super Rho" by absorbing immobile ships and Wil turns into a rambo-like version of himself. The final boss fight of the game commences. Rho will launch a series of missiles at the player, which they must destroy with the machine gun Wil has in the game. Eventually, Rho will go to attack Wil with one of two special attacks, both of which reveal a generator in his chest. The player must use Wil's Sword in this instance, striking the generator. This must be repeated a further four times before the player wins the fight. Wil leaves the game, and traps Rho's memory in a toy-like game console, throwing him in a draw. As the game ends, the toy is seen clenching its fist.


  • Rho can be seen in the H.I.P. Test Lab stage in Battle Bears Gold, on a large monitor behind a purple-pink force field which can be accessed by the Huggable through otherwise inaccessible holes in the map.