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Riggs in Battle Bears -1

Riggs is one of the main characters in Battle Bears series and the leader of the Battle Bears Team. Riggs is the brother of Oliver and is the cousin of Wil, as confirmed on their Facebook pages.

Character Detail

Riggs is packed with muscle, and is a more experienced and stronger soldier than Oliver. He is able to fight Huggables with or without weapons, as shown through certain exploits. He also seems to be a very skilled engineer, from making a chainsaw out of random elevator parts to finding a way to power a Laser pistol with a Huggable's head. Very little is known about Riggs otherwise. Riggs' facebook page is Riggs Bear. Unlike the rest of the Battle Bears, Riggs' fur color is white, however he has no other similairity to a real life polar bear, which would describe the Game Center achievement Polar Opposites.


Riggs has appeared in every released game, except Battle Bears BLAST.

Battle Bears: Zombies

Riggs made his first appearance in the first Battle Bears game; Battle Bears: Zombies as a non-playable character. Interestingly, while Oliver always refers to Riggs by his name, he may refer to Oliver as 'Soldier'.

At the beginning, Oliver was contacting him via a headphone. He gave Oliver help through out the game. He introduced Oliver to the bearzooka. It was likely that the pilot, Sanchez, was sent by him. He also advised Oliver to use Unicorn Blood to protect the sandbags. During the game's last cut scene, when the Zombocalypse was trying to kill Oliver, Riggs arrived with other Battle Bears and shot the Zombocalypse in the head. They then presumably travelled off to another destination.

Battle Bears -1

Riggs makes another appearance in Battle Bears -1 as a playable character. In campaign mode, his Boss rival is Tentacleese and his special weapons are the Laser Pistol (Stage 1) and the Chainsaw (Stage 3).       

Battle Bears Zero

He appears in Battle Bears Zero, through only in a cutscene, where he infiltrates the Huggable Base on a Land Vehicle with other Battle Bears.

Battle Bears Fortress

He appears in BBF as a playable character.


  • Although Riggs' official description says that he is the captain, in Battle Bears -1 Malcolm appears to be in charge.
  • Riggs is the only Battle Bear that has used a grenade, when he killed a Huggable with one in a cutscene in Battle Bears -1.
  • On the website, his character model (along with Wil's) is the same.
  • Riggs is voiced by Brian Bell.