Riggs is a character in the game Battle Bears Overclock. He has the highest base health in the game, with 400 HP.

  • Riggs in BBU
  • Rigg's OC

"Captain and leader. Brave,serious and is the responsible one. He takes a paternal role and looks after his team.He's part Captain America, part Jean Luc Picard. He never flinches from battle, but knows how to best use his resource-even when that means running to fight another day"

~ Official Battle Bears Overclock Description


Health Regen Speed
400 3 455


Rigg's skins and their corresponding Armor are listed below:

  • Roadkiller
  • Viking
  • Guardian
  • Gold



Like all of the characters in Battle Bears Overclock, Riggs has three unique abilities that he can use multiple times to aid him in battle. These abilities include:

  • Two-Hand Salute (Default)

The Two-Hand Salute is an ability that allows Riggs to fire a fast-moving pair of red fists a certain distance, dealing 600 damage to each opponent it hits. This ability does interrupt the firing of automatics, but automatics continue firing after the punching animation finishes. Like the description says, this ability is more of a melee attack because of its short range. This ability takes 15 seconds to reload.

"Throws powerful fist throws in front of you for 160 damage in a straight line."
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
  • Dash (Default)

Charge concept art

The Dash is an ability that allows Riggs to move forward quickly a short distance in the direction he is pointing .Anyone who Riggs charges into takes 120 damage. Although Riggs cannot change directions while charging, he can still fire. This ability is similar to the Huggable weapon So Fly from Battle Bears Gold, but you cannot fly into the air if you point up. This ability takes 10 seconds to reload.
"Quickly dash a short distance dealing 120 damage"
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
  • Armed Force (Default)
Once activated, sandbags will spawn in front of the player. The sandbags are greatly
Armed Force

Armed Force concept art

similar to the sandbags in Battle Bears: Zombies, however, the sandbags do not provide any protection to the player using the said special. The player is unable to move while the special is in use. The ability lasts for 5 seconds . As the description states, any weapon fired while this ability is in use, your armor will increase by 50% and health regen will increase by 200%.
"Lays down sandbags for 5 seconds and makes you immobile.Increases your armor by 50% and your health regen by 200%"
-Official Battle Bears Overclock Description
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