ROcky Horror

Riggs with the Rocky Horror skin equipped.

The Rocky Horror is a skin for the Heavy class, being released during the fourth and final week of v1.3.1.

This skin costs 120 Gas and does not have a level lock.

This party animal is just itching to do the Time Warp! A one way Time Warp that goes from present day to you not being alive anymore... Insa-ay-ay-ane!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


While its name seems to reference the 1975 horror comedy film, it is actually quite literal. The Rocky Horror takes the form of a rock monster-like Riggs. His skin is covered in cracked fragments of team coloured rock, which stays consistant throughout. The Rocky Horror has demonic-coloured eyes and a stern frown.


  • Rocky

    Rocky Horror skin concept

    The name "Rocky Horror" is derived from the 1975 musical horror comedy film by the same name. Its official description also makes a reference to the "Time Warp", a song featured in the film.
  • Originally, the Rocky Horror skin cost 400 Gas.
  • Like all v1.3.1 weapons and skins, the Rocky Horror skin was offered to those who took part in the Forum Appreciation promotion, free of charge and before the official release date/week.
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