Sake Bomb
The Sake Bomb




Secondary - Saboteur

Level Required



50,000 Joules


4.0 seconds

Rate of Fire

0.5 seconds




4.0 seconds

Projectile Speed

1000 u/s


Weapon Statistics and Status Effects

The Sake Bomb is a secondary weapon for the Soldier class, being released in v1.3.2.

A shot from this will make you wine and stumble.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Sake Bomb is a unique weapon that fires non-damaging projectiles in an arc. If any opponents (including the user) are hit within its small AoE, they will receive a control reversal for 3.5 seconds. A successful hit gives an easier chance at defeating the affected targets while in a disadvantaged position, although they still able to retaliate or escape, but will find it difficult to do so. The weapon is considered a defensive one, and can be used to either disillusion attacking players or to make a potential victim more easy to kill. With 20 ammo, the player has multiple attempts to affect an enemy. Any player under the Sake Bomb's effect will have to endure their reversed movement for 3 seconds, where they are under risk from opposing players and self harm (e.g. suicide via map geographics). It has a moderate 5 second reload.


The following Equipment affects the Sake Bomb:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 4 bullets
Ammo +2 + 8 bullets


  • Sake Bomb Concept

    Sake Bomb concept

    The Sake Bomb's exact AoE is unknown.
  • Originally, the Sake Bomb's effect also caused the player's "aiming finger" to be reversed, meaning that scrolling left would make their view shift right, scrolling up would cause their view to shift down and vice versa, which added greatly to the target's confusion. This was eliminated in a much later update.
  • Orignally, the Sake Bomb cost 90,000 Joules.
  • An actual sake bomb is a type of beer cocktail that is made by mixing beer with Japanese rice wine, otherwise known as sake (säkĕ).
  • The Sake Bomb is the Soldier's only weapon that cannot damage opponents.
  • During a promotion, the Sake Bomb was offered for 1 Joule, and was also given immediately to new players, free of charge. However, if the player changed back to the regular default secondary - the Bearzooka (BBG) - the standard 90,000 Joule price for the Sake Bomb (at the time) would be reinstated.