Sam are i

Sam-Are-I Skin model views

The Sam-Are-I is a skin for the Soldier class, being released following the discontinuation of the Halloween skins, several weeks into the release of v1.3.4 alongside the Heavy's Law Man skin. It costs 15 Gas and does not have a level lock.

Honor your ancestors and bring shame upon your foes in the most feudal way possible. You are rich in discipline, it is mercy that you lack.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Sam-Are-I skin takes to the appearance of a samurai from feudal Japan. It is predominantly covered in orange or blue armour (depending on the player's team) with chesnut fur where no armour or accessory's exist. A headband is strapped to its head, while a golden eye patch covers one eye (presumably lost in a sword fight). The expression on his face is one of arrogance or confidence. His backpack is the same colour as his armour and features the Battle Bears Gold official logo.


  • Sam-Are-I skin concept

    Sam-Are-I skin concept

    The name "Sam-Are-I" is a pun on the "Samurai", a type of warrior originating from feudal Japan.
  • Originally, the Sam-Are-I skin cost 100,000 Joules.
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