For information about Sanchez in Battle Bears Gold, see Arbiter.

Sanchez is a supporting character appearing in Battle Bears: Zombies and the Arbiter class in Battle Bears Gold. He came to Oliver's rescue in a Pelican't but is almost killed when a Huggable makes his ship crash, killing a group of Huggables before exploding. Even after the explosion, Oliver finds a Machine Gun in the wreckage that is still functional. Then, according to the character description in Battle Bears Gold, he was rebuilt and returned to life. In BBZ he seems American but in Battle Bears Gold he seems to be Spanish.


  • Oliver's reaction to the crash closely resembles the Rage Face Internet meme.


"Sanchez here, we'll getcha' you home. What the...Huggables on the ship! Ahhhhhhhhh, mayday, mayday,  we're are going down!" (Pelican't hits the ground) (Dies)