Santas lil sniper

Astoria with the Santa's Lil Sniper skin equipped.

Santa's Lil Sniper is a skin in Battle Bears Gold for the Sniper class. It was only available from December 2011 through Febuary 2012 as part of a special holiday release of Battle Bears Royale (now Battle Bears Gold), also featuring special holiday skins for every other class available at that time. This skin reappered on the 1st of December in the 2012 chirstmas skins.

It costs 50 Gas and has no level lock. 

His "Naughty List" gets shorter and shorter every year... - This skin is only for sale through January 1st. Get it while you can!.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Santa's Lil Sniper features Astoria in an elf costume. Her skin color remains unchanged compared to her usual colors. She wears a red suit fitted with big yellow buttons with fur around the neck and arm openings. Her pants are red as well but with thick green stripes across them. The belt is brown with a golden buckle, the ammo case being completely green, matching the stripes of the pants, and of her gloves.

On each of her cheeks are a small red blush, fitting the typical description of an elf.


  • This skin, like most of the Christmas skins, cost 20 Gas at the time of their first release on December 2011.
  • Santa's Lil Sniper is a reference to the usual term "Santa's Little helper". Though this is another name for christmas elves, this name is often associated with the popular American sitcom series The Simpsons in which the recurring dog called Santa's little helper appears.
  • This skin was discontinued in Febuary 2012, and was available again in December 2012.
  • During December 2012, this skin was given for free to any player that bought the Sniper within a limited amount of time.

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