Seasons are events that happen in the game Battle Bears Overclock.

  • The Spring icon
  • The Summer icon
  • The Fall icon
  • The Winter icon


Also called Scenario's, the four Seasons will affect how the maps will look. When 3-4 months have passed (please confirm), a new Season will begin. The Seasons will probably follow the pattern from real life.


  • A new weapon will be added every Season, as well as removing a weapon. This is also goes into account for maps, where every Season has passed, Skyvu will add, and/or remove a map.
  • The Seasons will not affect the players how they play in the maps, just their apparence.


When a Season has passed, all player's rank points will reset. Depending on how many points a player has earned, they will be given a reward, the following will be:

  • A unique character skin
  • A weapon that is able to be used in Unranked mode.
  • A weapon skin, specifically for the Season that has passed when given.
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