Huggable with the Seesaw equipped

The Seesaw is one of the melee weapons for the Huggable in Battle Bears Gold. It has higher power than the Whack-Tus and Presidentures, but has a slower draw time. Its power can be enhanced by using melee equipment or using Tough Love.

It does 49 damage per saw. However, this damage is often doubled due to the duplicate saw used in the attack. It is one of the Huggable's most powerful melee weapons, tying in damage with the Punk Bands. This weapon increases the Huggable's speed by 10%.

It costs 40 Gas and has a level 3 lock.


The Battle Bear who fashioned the first Huggable with chainsaw hands should not have been faulted for his scientific pursuits, but he was.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • Originally, the Seesaw cost 5,700 Joules, before being changed to 50 Gas. It was again changed to 25 Gas before finally settling on the current price of 40 Gas.
  • Oddly, this weapon appears to be covered in Huggable blood. This would indicate that the Huggable has been attacking natural Huggables. It's the same case with Bite Me
  • It is likely based off of the Chainsaw from Battle Bears -1, a weapon used by Riggs to take out many Huggables. They look similar, and the Huggable blood on the Seesaw would be consistant with Riggs' use of the weapon. 
  • Prior to v2.6, the Seesaw had a -15% special speed stat modifier.
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