The She Fu skin features Astoria in a Chinese-inspired skin in Battle Bears Gold.

It costs 15 Gas and has a level 15 lock.

Crouching bear, hidden sniper.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


It features Astoria in a red or blue, gold and black Chinese dress called a cheongsam with sleek black pants. Her skin has become lighter in color and some make-up has been added to her chin and eyes. Part of her backpack appears to be made of a jade carving. Her traditional-style cheongsam has golden dragons sewn on it like an empress from ancient China. Her cheongsam is shorter than other traditional ones.


  • "师父", pronounced "Shi Fu", is Chinese for "master" or "teacher", thus "She Fu" is a pun on that. The 'She' part refers to Astoria, her being one of the only few female Battle Bears.
  • The description refers to a form of martial arts used commonly in ancient China. It has been modified to fit in with a Battle Bears theme. 
  • The description contains the same words (except for "bear" and "sniper") from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

  • She Fu skin seen from front
  • She Fu skin seen from left
  • She Fu skin seen from back
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