Sixth Sense Goggles
Sixth sense goggles
Sixth Sense Goggles




2.5 seconds


5 seconds


50,000 Joules


Allows user to see through walls, Cloaking and Flawless Disguise

The Sixth Sense Goggles is a Special that discloses all player positions in the form of identical team-coloured square brackets, as well as players with Cloaking or Peek A Boo activated. It can also be used to see what team a player using Flawless Disguise is on. The Sixth Sense Goggles are useful for hunting down players, as well as launching or anticipating ambushes and defense. It is very easy to detect where enemies are with the Sixth Sense Goggles, hence Explosives or Missiles are most useful when using this Special as the player could time their shots before the opponent is alerted of the player's presence and even damage players hiding behind walls.

It costs 50,000 Joules.

Discloses all enemy positions - even behind walls! This will not enhance weapon lock on times or abilities however.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • The only instance where the size of the brackets indicating players change is when a Huggable activates Mini Me, which will cause the brackets to shrink along with the Huggable.
  • The advantages of this Special over the Radar is that it indicates exactly where enemies are on the map while Radar only displays a vague bird's eye detection of the map and has a limited range. It can also detect Cloaked and stationary players while Radar cannot. However, using the Radar instead of the Goggles allows you to equip another Special to use during direct combat, yet still provides accurate information as to where enemies are and allows you to spot enemies behind you.
  • It formerly costed 60,000 Joules.
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